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    Can you please assist further and respond to my previous questions posted?


    What if I create new VM with the same name as the original while I disable original VM and unregister it.


    Then I will delete all files from original VM folder except for large disk vmdk and replace them with new files from new VM folder.


    Then I will re register old VM back again?


    Will this work?

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  • 06/23/17--18:38: Re: Adding KVM Hypervisor
  • OK I have some headway.


    Now the virtual image size is the same as the example as before it was displaying a zero size. However STILL the Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Image states "Operating System Not Found "!!!!

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    Ok I got it working by changing to a shared NAS Datastore and then creating an /images folder on the NAS datastore. Now the glance images are being stored on the NAS device which is fine however when I try and boot an image every image says "Operating System Not Found "

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    I'm having the exact same issue in my home lab. 3 NUCs with vSAN, 6.5 all around with external PSC all at current code. Every time I reconfigure for HA, it will put check the vmotion box on the management interface and vMotions start failing. I've run this setup for nearly a year without this issue and it just started happening a week or so ago. Anyone have any updates on solutions you may have found? Thanks!

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    I installed windows 7 on fusion 8.5 some months ago and use it just infrequently just for a couple of programs but I would like to install all available updates for windows 7 from MS website via windows controller centre: check for updates but the updater just checking for updates for hours and nothing is happening. I know using Mozilla Firefox I can access the Internet and download files so the access works, but why I can not download updates? I run fusion on MBP 15" 2017 with Mac OS Sierra latest. The screen shot showing the updated running circles for hours is below.


    Trying to update windows defender I got a message window with the error number (see below screenshot) so something is preventing windows accessing the internet, but what?


    On my older MBP 13" I have similar setup and the windows 7 updates no problem. I compared all??possible??? settings and they look same.


    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 13.17.45.pngScreen Shot 2017-06-24 at 13.37.05.png

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    In addition I was also using the glance image-create  command. I used openstack image create and that worked..Not sure if that command was the issue.

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    That feature was removed several major releases ago. Based on this thread, it was removed in Workstation 9.


    Where is the "capture movie" menu option ?


    I remember using it (maybe on version 6) many years ago on a 32-bit Windows XP host. The playback required a codec download from VMware if the target machine doesn't have VMware Workstation.

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    It is because mainstream support for Windows 7 ended in January 2015. Microsoft would also have taken out Windows Update for Windows 7 as part of that end of mainstream support.


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    Thanks blue,


    So the concept of making a movie of a VM in Linux after perhaps 2010 or so is a completely dead concept...



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    It would help if you could attach the log file C:\Users\Swamp\Documents\Virtual Machines\DOS\vmware.log


    There is an attach link at the lower right hand side of this reply box. There would also be log files of previous runs in the same folder. They would be named vmware-n.log where n is a number 0 to 5.


    Not sure why you mentioned the SANdisk flash drive because based on the folder location of the log, it looks like you running the VM from the disk of the HP Envy m7.


    It doesn't hurt nor cost a single dime to check/verify again whether Intel Virtualization Technology is enabled in the BIOS.


    Based on the HP Envy m7 User Guide, you enter the BIOS by pressing the ESC key quickly upon power up and then press F10.


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    I am not a gamer, but a lot of gamers stream their gameplay online and also record them. So recording a movie of a VM maybe even streaming it online possibly have other avenues/methods available other than just VMware Workstation.

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    use vcenter old client it will work

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    In order to replicate the issue i have started connection server prior to the AD. I hit the same issue. Then I let the AD powered on and restarted the connection server to have it sync with AD right after the bootup. It worked !

    LucD seems to be correct. Something to do with the CS and AD sync somehow. Not sure if this is related to your scenario, Maybe the Tech support guys can help.


    See if the below link helps.

    Logging in to Horizon View server fails to authenticate the user (2148374) | VMware KB

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    Hi, You might need to ask the user to do a disconnect and logoff especially when they are using shared VDI's like the floating ones.

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    Have a look at Virtual Disk metrics... some examples below.



    virtualDisk:Aggregate of all instances|numberReadAveraged_average
    virtualDisk:Aggregate of all instances|numberWriteAveraged_average
    virtualDisk:Aggregate of all instances|totalReadLatency_average
    virtualDisk:Aggregate of all instances|totalWriteLatency_average

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    If anyone is interested this was the in VM disk performance using the new virtual NVMe controller

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    You can select whatever type you want.

    You can also use a SCSI controller that is already present.

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    On a fresh Windows 7 installation, in order for Windows Update to work (and not hang, with the bug described above), you should also manually install:


    - Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (if not already present);


    - April 2015 Servicing Stack Update;


    - Windows 7 SP1 Convenience Rollup;


    - Internet Explorer 11 (the full package, for IT administrators).


    At least, this worked for me, when I reinstalled Windows 7 SP1 about a month ago...

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    Thanks for the comment and I knew about it,  but my older MBP 13" has just now downloaded updates for win7 from MS. So they still dole out updates.


    Cheers, A

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